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Seasonal Special: Cinnamon Sunset

As Summer draws to a close (I know, I didn’t particularly notice it even arriving either…) it’s time to celebrate September and all things autumnal and comforting, whilst the sunshine keeps us warm from time to time, before the nights draw in and we begin to wonder if we actually live within a solar system. 

Back to school vibes have us wiping the slate clean and pulling our socks up to start something new, or getting back on track with projects we abandoned when holidays, parties and generally unplugging might have slowed us down.


Time to break out of that rut and get excited about the things we can create and the changes that are afoot. It also happens to be my Birthday on the equinox, and I like to think that has something to do with my love of getting organised and turning over a new leaf. So let’s get this new Seasonal Special in our lives!

Cinnamon Sunset is all about squeezing the best out of our days as the sun sets on August, and an invitation to try something different or revisit something long forgotten…I mean, when was the last time you had a pear or a dash of cinnamon in your juice?!

Warm amber colours seem to universally represent the seasonal changes so who can argue with a carrot or two to balance and top up your vitamin A 

And a cheeky apple to bring it all together and, well, this is Applebar after all!

Overall this juice is: Vibrant, slightly spicy, kinda sweet, nicely balanced & recharging

I hope you love it too!