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Seasonal Special: Choccy Berry Cherry

After a great influx of suggestions for our monthly special, I was drawn to a combination of ideas: cherries, chocolate & summer desserts. So, this month we are sharing our healthy smoothie-fied twist on a classic…Black Forest Gateau!

To top it all, I was astounded to notice in the last week of July that this year’s blackberries are already peeping through, telling us all what we need to know about the extent of this year’s British Summertime. So this month’s

combo is also a nod to that phenomenon too…


So this month we are milking our own almonds (very time consuming, they have tiny teats) and boosting this fruity combo with a grown-up hit of cacao – antioxidants galore and basically counteracting any other less healthy chocolatey indulgences that creep in over the ‘Summer’ holidays…definitely a scientifically proven fact *ahem*.


Just enough banana is thrown in there to sweeten and offer up a thicker, ice-creamy texture.

Anyway, with these premature hints of autumn, I hope you are all having a lovely summer so far and any much deserved holidays have been restful and restorative but great fun too! I’m still harking back to the Antiguan sunshine for sure…


Hannah x