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Cheltenham’s Healthy Heroes: Una Jenkins with Mission Thrive

Apologies for the delay in more Cheltenham-based Healthy Hero inspiration! Winter bugs and life ‘happening’ blew us off course, but this week I’m so excited to share a post from Una.

One of the greatest things about my 5 years with Applebar has been being able to meet and pick the brains of lifestyle and wellness experts and Una is a recent asset. In January 2018, she will be launching Mission Thrive – a positive psychology movement with options to suit anyone pursuing self improvement. I’ll let her explain more, and speak to you all again soon!

Hello Applebar customers! I met Hannah recently and she has very kindly agreed to let me share my project with you. As a thank you, I would like to offer any readers a massive 20% off any of my services.  I am very excited to tell you about Mission Thrive, launching in January 2018! Mission Thrive is a wellbeing project based on Positive Psychology. There are four areas of work:

  • Thrive School: This consists of courses, workshops and events introducing practical ways to use Positive Psychology in everyday life.
  • Wellbeing Planning: One to one coaching helping the individual to make a plan for their wellbeing. Ideal for individuals that want to enhance their wellbeing, understand and use their strengths and achieve their goals.
  • Work with Children: Mission Thrive’s current work with children falls under the project Ivory Tower Childcare
  • Group Projects: I work with particular groups applying Positive Psychology to their set of circumstances and needs. January’s project is for mums [HYPERLINK ‘MUMS’: https://missionthrivelaunch.wordpress.com/projects/group-projects/]


So what is Positive Psychology?

“So far as love or affection is concerned psychologists have failed in their mission. The little we know about love does not transcend simple observations, and the little we write about it has been written better by poets and novelists” Harry Harlow (1958)

Love, happiness, compassion, authenticity etc are all at the heart of the human experience. So why is it that until recently, very little has been done to understand it in terms of human psychology? Psychology as a discipline has focussed on the Disease Model. In layman’s terms, this is focussing on our ‘brokenness’ and how we can be ‘fixed’ and ‘repaired’ instead of looking at strengths and what is good and right about people. Of course, the Disease Model has its place and is so important and needed but so is a model looking at human potential, strengths, talent, genius, wellbeing and so on. It can be argued that psychologists know much less about mental health than mental illness. We know that every day in the world there are numerous acts of kindness, love and even sacrifice taking place. This ‘positivity’ really is at the heart of the human psyche. We cannot deny the negative but a balance is required. This is where Positive Psychology comes in. Positive Psychology is the scientific study of optimal human functioning with an aim to understand the factors that enable individuals and communities to thrive.

This is about you. It’s about everyone that has ever felt lost, anxious, purposeless or at a point in life with a profound lack of meaning. It’s for anyone that’s bored and ready to mix things up a bit. It’s for anyone that likes a challenge. It’s for children, teens, parents, professionals. In short, Mission Thrive

is for anyone that believes that life can always be made better.

This isn’t another quick fix to feel better or get happier. This is about applying science to our wellbeing, addressing our habits, identifying and reaching for our goals and knowing and working to our strengths. I’m talking about Positive Psychology, sometimes referred to as the science of wellbeing.

To use a popular analogy, it can be said that psychology thus far has helped us to improve the lives of so many people from minus five to zero. The next and necessary step is to help us get from zero to five. In other words, help people to THRIVE not just survive.


Check out Una’s website , facebook & instagram pages, and don’t forget to take her up on that exclusive 20% discount for Applebar customers!