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Cheltenham’s Healthy Heroes: Miriam from HeartxMind

It’s here! Our first installment of Cheltenham’s Healthy Heroes – woop woop!!!

Miriam has been a long time supporter of what I offer at Applebar, with a soft spot for a cheeky Nuttony Gluttony. Take a look at her ethos on meditation and yoga, and experience her practice for yourself with a sweet deal on her day retreats for you guys:

Once upon a time, not that long ago, I felt overwhelmed with unhappiness and anxiety from a dozen places. Holding conversations with people was a potential panic attack in the making – and public speaking? I’d avoid it as if my life depended on it.


Now you can put me in any space with scores of strangers – and I’ll happily lead, dance and joke my way through an amazing yoga class. It’s really no exaggeration to say that yoga transformed my life, and it’s something I love to practice and share every damn day.


When it comes to feeling good – physically, mentally and emotionally – practicing yoga and meditation are the two big foundations that keep me sane, happy and grounded for life.


So as a yoga teacher, I share from my own experience. The simplest of recipes are always the best, as Apple Bar’s amazing juices always prove – and for me it comes down to just breathing, moving, and noticing what’s going on the body, the breath and the mind at every turn.


Breathe. Move. Notice. Repeat.


You don’t have to be super bendy to practice yoga. You don’t have to have a perfectly clear and calm mind to meditate.


You just have to be ready to show up, and pay attention to those four simple words above.


My yoga classes are about helping people to discover that little “a-ha!” moment for themselves on the mat, where they suddenly realise that their mind isn’t racing at a million miles an hour, or that snarky voice in the background isn’t so loud anymore, or they’re moving in a way that feels so good in their body, and they’re surprising themselves at doing the things they thought they never could.


You can find out more about my classes and events at http://www.heartxmind.com or follow my random yoga related adventures on instagram at heartxmindlife. You can also find some free meditation downloads on the site for 10 minutes of calmness, direct to your phone.


As a special treat to Apple Bar customers, I’m also offering a sweet 10% discount for my upcoming day retreats this September and November – details are online!



Thanks, Miriam!

If you would like to nominate a Cheltenham based health, fitness or well-being and lifestyle pro for this feature, get in touch.

Cheers, Hannah x