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Cheltenham’s Healthy Heroes: Emily Sullivan from Healthy Balance Pilates

It’s time for another Cheltenham Healthy Heroes – a chance for me to shine a spotlight on health, fitness and all-round well-being lifestyle experts practicing in and around Cheltenham.

This week I invite you to check out Emily’s post below for the low down on her pilates practice and some great healthy living inspiration. Emily and I actually go way back to school days and it’s been great to re-connect with her over our like-minded passion to do things that make you look and feel your best! Take it away Emily!


I’m Emily, a Pilates teacher and Personal trainer from Cheltenham. Giving men and women of all ages and fitness types the opportunity to become healthier, happier and more balanced in body and mind.


I first found Pilates after going through my own personal struggles with mental health, I was at a point where I was mentally and physically destroyed and as a result my whole life had been affected by it. I started Pilates because it was a low impact exercise that didn’t seem too scary to try out and after my first class I knew it was what my body and my mind needed. Through small steps and creating healthy habits I became stronger, happier and started to create a healthy balanced lifestyle that I loved.

When I started my level 3 training with Malcolm Muirhead from Michael King Pilates my eyes were opened to the amazing technique and intricacies to the Pilates method. There was so much more to it than just lying on a mat and doing some movements; even though I had been doing Pilates for a few years by then, he taught us in such a way that we were challenged throughout the sessions and the true potential of Pilates was unlocked for me. I realised the importance of applying and demonstrating the correct technique and how vital it is to the Pilates method, something that I had never been shown or understood before in classes I had participated in. I took that knowledge,applied it to my own classes and partnered with my passion it created success – for my clients and myself.


Pilates isn’t just for women, it was originally created by a man (!) who trained boxers, military officers and gymnasts. It was only when Joseph Pilates started to train dancers, who took the technique and continued to apply it to their students for the years afterwards, that the “for women” connotation arose. That was one presumption that I really wanted to break when I first started teaching. A lot of the men that I teach can be a little sceptical at first, but give them one class and they realise just how beneficial it is and they’re soon back for more!

I absolutely love what I do and part of that is seeing the improvement in physical and mental health in the people that I work with. I’ve taught men and women from the ages of 15 to 85, from chronic back issues or injuries to those that are at the top of their fitness game. Since opening The Healthy Balance Studio in my own little garden in Up Hatherley I’ve been running beginners courses, Pilates for mummies where they can bring their little ones, strength and conditioning courses as well as 1-1 and 2-1s. It is SO much fun!


My favourite way to start the day is with 10 minutes of Pilates and a bowl of protein porridge, when i’m not teaching I love to go out for a walk and listen to books on Audible my favourites include; The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters – amazing book about the way our minds work, Lessons I’ve Learnt by Davina McCall and The Undead Series by R. R Haywood (because the Zombie apocalypse is so much better set in England!). In the evenings when i’m not editing Pilates workouts for my website I like to settle in for cuddles with my cats and fiance and cook something yummy and wholesome!


You can find out more about my classes at www.healthybalancefitnesscheltenham.com or Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/healthybalancepilatespt/)/Instagram (healthy_balance_fitness)

There is also a Summer Sessions challenge that you can take part in for FREE – 10 minutes a day for 7 days to keep you feeling great!


See you on the mat soon!